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    Investors Relations – Investment

    Investment Opportunity with Spiresolutions

    We’re reshaping the landscape of SME business operations through the power of Agile Leadership, coupled with our cutting-edge Spire Essentials Private Cloud Software. Our mission is to empower end-users to unlock remarkable strides in productivity, customer satisfaction, time-to-market, team engagement, and overall profitability.

    What Makes Us
    Stand Out

    We’re pioneers in the seamless integration of Low Code AI Private Cloud Business Software – the cornerstone of our offerings. When paired with the Spire Essentials Private Cloud Package, our solutions are augmented with an array of multi-purpose Building Blocks carefully designed to fit with users’ working methods.

    This unique approach ensures that global
    production companies, constructors, and service-based enterprises can not only flourish but thrive.

    Key Advantages at a Glance

    At our core, we empower businesses with Agile Leadership principles, propelling them to adapt, innovate, and excel in today’s dynamic market terrain.

    Our Low Code AI Private Cloud Business Software stands at the forefront of technological ingenuity, delivering tailored solutions for a wide range of business needs.

    By combining the Spire Essentials Private Cloud Package with our modular Building Blocks, we present unparalleled flexibility, and guarantee that our solutions evolve seamlessly with every business evolution.


    Our accomplishments resonate loudly in The Netherlands this year (2023)

    These milestones underscore our unwavering commitment to nurturing sustainable growth and consistently delivering substantial value to our esteemed clientele.

    an impressive revenue of €400K, with a €126K ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

    all the while
    maintaining a remarkable LTV:CAC ratio of +5.8.

    and a 14% conversion rate of Sales Qualified Leads to Clients.

    Join Us in Shaping the

    You’re cordially invited to join us in charting the future course of business operations. Immerse yourself in the transformative potential of Agile Leadership and experience firsthand the dynamic capabilities of our innovative Low Code Private Cloud Software.

    The Investment Details

    raising €500K by May 2024
    valuation of €5M for a participation in Spiresolutions Group Ltd, and Spiresolutions Nederland Ltd combined
    Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) structure

    Utilization of Funds:
    Powering Growth and

    Allocating Resources
    For Strategic

    We are committed to harnessing the raised funds to strategically fuel our growth initiatives. Each investment will be thoughtfully directed towards propelling our mission forward and maximizing our impact.


    A significant portion of the funds will be invested in dynamic marketing campaigns. By amplifying our market presence, we aim to widen our reach and strengthen brand visibility, engaging new audiences and expanding our market share.


    We recognize the critical role of a robust sales team. A portion of the funds will be allocated to enhancing our sales force. This investment will enable us to connect with more potential clients, nurture relationships, and drive conversions effectively.


    Investing in knowledge is investing in success. We are dedicated to cultivating an onboarding and learning program tailored for sales and Agile Leadership. This initiative will equip our teams with the skills and insights needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business operations.

    Spiresolutions PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

    Innovation is the heartbeat of Spiresolutions. We’ll channel resources into advancing our product offerings. By continually enhancing our Low Code AI Private Cloud Software, we ensure our solutions remain cutting-edge and adaptable to emerging market needs.


    Growth demands a dedicated and dynamic workforce. A portion of the funds will be invested in expanding our business team. This expansion is integral to maintaining the level of excellence our clients expect from us.


    We are resolute in our mission to create a global impact. A significant allocation of funds will be dedicated to business development, enabling us to establish a robust international partner network. This network will amplify our reach, open new markets, and foster mutually beneficial collaborations.

    Through these strategic allocations, we aim to strengthen Spiresolutions as a powerhouse of innovation, client satisfaction, and industry leadership.

    Unveiling a Compelling
    Investment Opportunity
    with Spiresolutions

    As an investor seeking promising ventures, let us paint a vivid picture of why investing in Spiresolutions is not just an opportunity, but a strategic move poised for remarkable returns and meaningful impact.

    In essence, investing in Spiresolutions is investing in the future of business operations. It’s a strategic move to be part of innovation, transformation, and empowerment. As the world advances, Spiresolutions is poised to lead the charge, and your investment could be the catalyst that propels us – and your portfolio – to new heights.

    Join us in shaping the future, and let your investment pave the way for enduring success.

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    How to Get

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