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Question and Answer

“Mastering Business Systems” refers to the ability to control and optimise business processes. Spire Solutions™ focuses on creating systems and strategies that assist companies in more effectively managing their operations and enhancing their competitiveness.

A cloud-based system is a flexible system that is available at all times on any desired device. So, you have always access and insight into what is happening in your business. All data is stored in a secure database.

The Spire Private Cloud serves as a central point in the cloud with secure login and authorization roles, exclusively configured for a single customer. The system provides access to all employees, co-workers, contractors and alike, that integrates all your data and business processes, and supports collaborations effectively.

Spire builds (Low Code) software systems that are proven, industry-specific, and tailor-made. We use our Low Code Platform for this purpose, which we have been continuously innovating and developing since 2007. The platform is designed to be intelligently deployed and adapted to achieve customization. We, the tech enthusiasts, refer to these types of solutions as ‘Low Code Business Software Integrators.’ With Low Code, software applications are built using visual blocks instead of traditional computer code, significantly accelerating the software development process.

The advantage is that through the accelerated Low Code Development process, Spire can deliver a solid base system incredibly quickly, which can then be customised for virtually any situation. And – because less code needs to be written – there’s also a reduced risk of errors and bugs. Additionally, it’s always possible to insert hand-written code if the process requires it.

Agile Leadership is an approach where leadership focuses on facilitating and supporting agility and innovation within teams and organisations. It involves fostering self-organisation, continuous improvement, and rapid responsiveness to changing circumstances. Agile leaders are servant-oriented, empowering, and encourage open communication and collaboration while adapting to evolving needs and market conditions.

Evidence of the success of Agile Leadership can be found across various industries. Companies that have embraced Agile principles often witness improvements in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, time-to-market, team engagement, and profitability.

Spire Solutions™ is designed for ambitious and established SMEs with a user base ranging from 15 to 150 individuals, who are prepared to swiftly and effectively digitally transform their businesses. We specialise in industries that predominantly operate in a project-based manner, such as manufacturing, construction, and professional services. Another commonality within our target audience is the distinction between office work and execution. Our offering and practical experience are tailored to address this, aiding in the successful realisation and implementation for these enterprises. Furthermore, we stand out by delivering exceptional service, customization, and driving success through a smarter approach to work (Agile).

Spire offers three different packages: fist, the Essentials Package, secondly the Essentials Plus Package (E+) which includes an extension of various Building Blocks tailored to best suit users’ preferred methods of working, and thirdly a Custom Package with even more standardised Building Blocks (60+) and customised adjustments. Each delivered package always has the possibility of being customised to fit specific needs. The costs depend on the chosen package, the number of users, and the complexity of the customization. 

Therefore, Spire provides custom quotes tailored to each situation.To gain more insight into which package is suitable for your business, feel free to contact us without any obligation.

The uniqueness of Spire’s business software lies in the fact that all modules seamlessly collaborate in logical ways, creating thousands of variations. From experience, Spire’s founders understand that this is a must for successful and sustainable business automation.

We often observe that countless actions across numerous programs—apart from Excel—are required to keep everything in sync. Through our users, we witness daily how they can work efficiently, enjoyably, and effectively by simplifying actions and gaining real-time overviews, all from a single central point.

The Spire Customization Catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of Spire’s software modules, known as Spire Building Blocks. Using this list of all functions, variations, and components, your company gains insight into what can be ordered from Spire.

The list comprises 60+ Building Blocks, yet within the Spire library, we have thousands of items that can be used in various compositions and customised variations for your company.

For more information on this, inquire during your consultation with Spire.

Yes, Spire Essentials’ data model is similar to that of an Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP). An EIP serves as a central hub for data exchange and system integration. This enables seamless integration with other programs, and it can be easily customised and expanded to meet changing circumstances and needs as the company continues to grow and evolve.

For more information on this, inquire during your consultation with Spire.

Spire Essentials serves as the foundation for all our custom projects. Often, expanding to Essentials Plus (E+) covers about 80% of the desired adjustments. To incorporate Spire Building Blocks and/or Custom Services, it’s essential to start with designing. With a business analyst and a designer from the Spire Design Studio, we collaborate with the client to create a Master Design Prototype that adds all specific functionalities and modifications that are desired and necessary. This design also showcases how the modifications will interact with all parts of the Spire Essentials system.

After approval of the Master Design Prototype, we establish the schedule and the final budget.

During the construction of your system, we deliver segments of software in 3-week development sprints, enabling gradual progress, improvements, and eventually achieving the desired outcome.

The Spire Business Team guides you throughout the entire process with regular meetings and a structured approach. This ensures that every decision is professionally documented, and you’re always informed about the latest developments and project progress.

Yes! You have the flexibility to choose the devices on which you want to use Spire. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone running iOS, Android, or Windows. Additionally, Spire can be integrated with other devices such as certain types of label printers, receipt printers, and handheld scanners. You can find more details about compatible hardware in our hardware overview.


  1. 100% Uptime of Systems: Spire guarantees uninterrupted system availability.
  2. 24/7 Support: Enjoy round-the-clock support for any issues that may arise.
  3. Agile Ready: With Spire Essentials, you become ‘Agile Ready’, outpacing competition, enhancing productivity, and fostering growth without frustrations.
  4. Single Source: One central system and data source that directly integrates with all data and systems through Spire API connections, supported by the principle of a single data source.
  5. Enhanced User Experience: The experienced designers of the Spire Design Studio team create visually appealing screens with a coherent flow.
  6. Rapid Loading Time: The system boasts an exceptionally fast loading time—ensuring a maximum loading time of 3.5 seconds for each database call—seamlessly assisting in executing tasks with efficiency. Any deviations from this standard are considered bugs and promptly addressed under warranty (free of cost) with top priority.
  7. Highest Security Standards: In addition to GDPR compliance for safeguarding personal data privacy, we consistently provide Private Cloud Platforms meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 27001.
  8. Data Availability: Spire offers facilities to guarantee data availability at all times, including snapshots, data backups, recovery tests, and continuity in case of potential bankruptcy.
  9. Continuous Technical Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is included. Any issues are addressed, performance is enhanced, and the platform is kept up-to-date with the latest security measures.
  10. Dual Environments: for Convenience we offer by default:
    1. LiveCloud Environment: A lightning-fast LiveCloud environment for effective business management.
    2. Playground Environment: A dedicated Playground environment for training and testing adjustments without messing up your LiveCloud environment.
  11. Extremely Fast Implementation: A series of personalised training videos, each lasting a maximum of 3 minutes, empower users to confidently navigate the new Spire system or adaptations.
  12. Quick Start: A Spire Business Team is poised to kickstart your project within 72 hours of approval.

To sign up for Spire Essentials or with Spire Solutions™, navigate to the footer of the website. You’ll be prompted to provide some basic information about your company. A representative from Spire Solutions™ will then get in touch with you to complete the registration process.