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    Boost Your Business

    Revolutionise your Business with our Private Cloud Software. Use our Essentials System, Sector Packages and Building Blocks
    to compose a System that supports your ideal workflow.

    What do you desire most? The Path to Improvement: Identify and Acknowledge Weaknesses in Your Business Operations

    Common frustrations and roadblocks indicate a failure in business systems. To thrive, alignment of your projects, staff, and processes is essential. We assist you in identifying these barriers, prioritizing solutions, and gradually overcoming these challenges with an effective transformation approach. So, kickstart your journey with our advanced approach to business, thanks to Spire’s Agile methodology and state-of-the-art AI-driven cloud software solutions.


    Getting Stuck 
    In Your Planning? 

    Encountering Broken Systems
    Resulting in chaos?

    Make planning more Agile

    Embrace Agile for quick responses to customer feedback, adapting to market changes, and delivering top-notch services




    And Requests That Get 
    Lost Into Faulty Systems?

    Build lasting relationships

    Earn trust and confidence with flawless systems, rapid responses, expert problem-solving, and adaptable project management.



    Does your System lack Flexibility and Expansion  
    For the Growth of your Sales?

    Improve Your Sales 

    Boost sales with a smarter, end-to-end AI solution. Save time, costs, and labor.


    Experiencing  Frustration  And Chaos 
    By Failing Systems? 

    Does it make your employees
    and users suffer ?

    Streamline The Workflow

    Spire's Private Cloud Business Software streamlines and automates processes, ending most manual tasks for improved efficiency.


    Who know us better

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    The Spire Support Team deserves praise; they are available even on weekends to assist us with demanding projects.

    Else Klick, Managing Partner bij Found

    Spire Essentials
    Keeps You Organised

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    Focus on what matters

    We at Spire like you to focus on the work that matters. Spire Essentials is designed with your team in mind; with a smart workspace for sales, team collaboration, project management and bookkeeping. Our system helps you align your team, tasks and projects from one central location.

    Smart, compact and powerful

    We don’t believe in big, extensive and all-inclusive software systems. We like to keep things simple, and provide you only with the essentials to start with. Spire Essentials offers everything you need to work smarter, right away. Providing your team a streamlined workflow that is easy to understand, easy to manage and easy on the eye.

    Where to start?

    Is buying a new software system for your business frustrating, complicated, expensive or hard to implement? Not with us!
    With Spire Essentials you can start working, right away. Contact us today to watch a demo or have a discovery call and learn more on how we can help.


    Keep track of your Growth

    With Spire bookkeeping you’ll run your business in a flash.

    Invoicing has never been so easy. With basic templates you can create invoices in your own house style and automatically follow the status of a payment, based on bank links. You can handle incoming invoices quickly and effortlessly via smart scan & recognise solutions.

    A handy dashboard offers a direct overview of the turnover, profit statements, balance sheet, and overall tax and debtor positions

    Business done
    successfully, from
    one central point

    On top of our Essentials System, Extension Packages are available. These packages are tailored for your industry and are here to transform and elevate your businesses to the next level. From streamlining production processes to optimising commerce and operational operations; our solutions empower you to achieve unprecedented growth and success. Allowing you to make powerful transformations with your business.

    Who we work with

    Our Agile way of working

    We strive to design and manage perfect symbioses
    between your goals, your in-house talent and our
    Spire System. Calling it a symbiose, as we believe that
    none of these elements are ever static. As life itself,
    your business is ever evolving.

    Talent Activation

    It is our goal to activate your in-house talent, to motivate them and use their time and effort more wisely. We even believe that the level of employee satisfaction is a great and honest way to measure your business’s success.

    Spire System

    We specialise in the automation of (complex & unique) business processes, bringing them all together in 1 central system. Accessible anytime, from anywhere.


    When clear, measurable and aligned goals are set, and your in-house talent is activated by the use of our Spire System, this will lead to: improved employee satisfaction, better customer relations, effective planning with quicker deliveries, cost savings, increased profitability and new opportunities for growth.

    It’s important to build a system that is set for change

    It’s important to build a system that is set for change, making it successfully sustainable to ever changing industries. See it as a Circular Economy that continuously improves, develops and grows. This way of working is called Agile Work.