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Ugly Software? Discover the power of Design and bring your business processes to life with the innovative concepts of the Spire Design Studio

By: Serge Janssen Daalen, 26 August 2023

We at Spire are fantastic at technology. As straight-up techies, our focus was never really on usability and intuitive designs. But since I started working with a fantastic UI & UX Designer, everything has changed.

I understand now that good Design, with a strong focus on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) offers massive benefits for any business system.

5 reasons to invest in good System Design

  1. Enhanced User Experience
    An intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX ensures a positive experience for all users. Employees have a better understanding of the system, which makes working with the system more enjoyable. The result is more efficient navigation through the system and thus higher productivity and fewer errors.

  2. Satisfied users
    If a system is attractive, intuitive and easy to use, its users will feel more engaged and positive about their work. A well-designed system ensures that your employees are happier, which naturally creates a positive and attractive working environment.

  3. Less training time and cost
    An intuitive UI/UX requires less training and support for the users. Employees will quickly become familiar with the system and be able to work with it efficiently. The logic of the workflow and design ensure that you will spend less time and money on training fees and the system will be adopted much faster.

  4. Improved productivity
    A well-designed system will increase productivity. In a well-designed system, tasks are streamlined, the level of complexity is reduced and it provides logical and efficient workflows between departments. Users will work much faster and more accurately, resulting in increased output and better business results.

  5. Fewer errors and fixes
    An intuitive UI/UX minimises the risk of errors and fixes. A clear and streamlined User Interface facilitates users to take actions themselves and it boosts data entry accuracy. This results in higher data quality and lower costs for error recovery.

    In short, a well-designed business system offers huge benefits, including improved User Experience, greater satisfaction, lower training costs, higher productivity, and fewer errors and fixes.

Spire Essentials System

Our Spire Essentials System is an intuitively designed system. We build your own Spire Private Cloud Platform in collaboration with you and your staff. With our Sector Packages, Extensions, Building Blocks and Customisation, we develop your unique Spire Private Cloud Platform.

Your employees are actively involved in the building process. They can experiment in the Playground of the Master Design and training videos are provided upon delivery of each module/tool. So it becomes your system. It belongs to you and your co-workers.

Curious about Spiresolutions and how we can help you create your own Intuitive Private Cloud Platform? Then contact us now or book a free consultation with me, Serge Janssen Daalen, founder of Spiresolutions.

SpireSolutions – Digital Transformation Made Easy

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