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The pitfalls of data migration: Why you better not gamble with your business data

A short roadmap for a smooth and secure data migration

By: Serge Janssen Daalen, 9 June 2023

When switching to a different system, data migration is a crucial step that cannot be avoided. The successful transfer of all data from one system to another is a complex process and should be planned and executed carefully.

In this article, we discuss Spire’s experience with this process, and how we approach data migration. We have experience with hundreds of migrations and know how to prepare to ensure a smooth and successful data migration.

Step 1 – Thorough preparation

Before the actual data migration takes place, Spire performs a thorough analysis of all your existing systems and data. This involves identifying the data to be migrated, assessing the quality and structure of the data, and defining the most appropriate migration method.

Step 2- Modification of data structure

As part of the migration process, it may be necessary to modify the data structure to make the data compatible with the new system. Spire supports you in restructuring and transforming your data so that it can be seamlessly transferred to the new system, without any loss of meaning or functionality of the data in question.

Step 3 – Secure data migration

Spire understands the importance of data security and ensures that during data migration, all data is transferred securely. With advanced encryption technologies and secure connections, the confidentiality and integrity of all data is ensured.

Step 4- Testing and validation

After completing the data migration, Spire carries out extensive tests and validations to ensure that all data has been transferred correctly and completely. Any discrepancies or errors are identified and corrected, ensuring an accurate and reliable dataset.

Step 5 – Support and follow-up

Spire also provides post-data migration support and follow-up. Should any questions or problems arise, our experienced team is on hand 24/7 to provide support and resolve any concerns.


When implementing a new system, successful data migration is essential for the smooth running of any business. Spire understands this and offers support at every step of the migration process. Prevent trouble, be prepared.

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