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The Battle: Spire versus Microsoft Dynamics

How to become the most future-proof. The outcome will surprise you.

By: Angelique Toorians, 12 August 2023

Do you want to have a future-proof business, but are not sure what is the best software solution for your company? Let me give you a brief overview of what old legacy systems, such as MSP (Dynamics), offer and compare that with what Spire Solutions has in store for the growth of your business.

What do Microsoft Dynamics and many other standard systems have on offer?

Consider the following 5 questions:

  1. Is Dynamics 100% cloud based? -No, Dynamics is a semi-cloud one-size-fits-all VPN software solution running on some very expensive MS Azure servers.
  2. Do the financial systems and project accounts operate in 100% real time? – No, Dynamics is set to a fixed default parameter synchronisation. The system is synchronised every 60 minutes. So no 100% real-time, which is what you really would want.
  3. Is working with Excel still of this era? – No, research has shown that 78% of end users work around Excel. Excel is tedious and cluttered. You want up to date information and for everyone to use the actual data. What is the point of systems if people are working around them?
  4. How many modules do you need to buy? -With Dynamics and other standard systems, it is unclear how many modules you will have to buy before you have the exact system that does what you need, and then it often still doesn’t quite fit your business processes.
  5. Does MS offer guarantees in terms of planning and budgets? – No, MS never guarantees dates and budgets.

What does Spire Solutions offer?

In short, Spire Solutions offers:

  • Your own Private Cloud Platform;

  • Building Blocks, Extensions en Customation (specialisation);

  • Intuitive design and user experience (flow) focused on logical simplicity;

  • Enterprise Integration Platform;

  • Plug and Play with free training videos with the delivery of each module;

  • Playground for experimenting with your Private System;

  • Quality Control and Test Driven Development;

  • Real-time and FAST <3s per call on DB;

  • 100% Uptime;

  • 24/7 support.

Spire has developed all its technology independently (except financial accounting, for which Exact Online or Quickbooks Online is being used). Spire focuses on companies that need project-specific business software. Your Spire Private Cloud Platform is developed and built in consultation and cooperation with you.

We at Spiresolutions would like to help you grow your business. Get in touch with us without any obligation. You can also book a free consultation with Serge Janssen Daalen. With all his experience, he will be happy to look at your business with you. Or check out our website.

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