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Spire’s Generative AI Building Blocks: Slicing Complexity to its Core

Crafting the Future of Generative AI

By: Angelique Toorians, 9 October 2023

Spiresolutions is presenting their cutting-edge AI Generative Building Blocks at Supernova Challenge Pitch Competition at Expand North Star in Dubai coming 15-18 October 2023.


We think our next generation AI generative Building Blocks are a huge advancement for Production companies.

With our AI Generative Building Blocks you will be able to create the best scenario based AI data analysis on historical facts and information. You will get a clear overview of among others the costs, lead time, tasks, work, materials, resources, risk and the ecological footprint of the given project.

How advanced is this?

The system will create the best scenarios on the criteria that are put in the system. The advantage of Spiresolutions Building Blocks is that you can adjust any of the given criteria and the system will create in an instant an alternative scenario. No more meetings and new calculations to be made by your engineers. They can keep engineering.

The AI Building Blocks will deliver the best possible scenarios and you can start creating your quotation within minutes instead of weeks of laborious work within all your departments.

Will it work?

The AI Building Blocks will be built upon our Spire Essentials System. The advance is that our Spire Essential System has proven itself already. We integrated OnShape Software in our System for Interko and they can now design and offer quotations for their Products without having to recalculate every little change in the measurements or other parameters. OnShape has successfully been integrated in the Spire System.

The next step

We at SpiresSolution want to take the next step and create cutting-edge techniques and algorithms with our AI Generative Building Blocks. With our robust, flexible and scalable Spire Essentials System and its AI Building Blocks you will be able to make  accurate predictions, improved data analysis and have an enhanced decision support system.

Expand North Star GITEX

Spiresolutions is taking part in the Expand North Star event at GITEX where we are participating in the Nova Superstar Challenge, showcasing our innovative AI Driven Building Blocks.

Do you still have questions or want more information about digital transformation and how to approach it within your company. If so, feel free to contact us or book a free consultation with Serge Janssen Daalen, CEO and founder of Spiresolutions.

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