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SaaS: what is it and why is it so vital for your business?

By: Serge Janssen Dalen, 27 June 2023

SaaS is becoming more and more common in the world of software. But what exactly is SaaS? Why should you as a company switch to SaaS? And what are the benefits of implementing a SaaS solution into  your business?

SaaS, what is it really?

SaaS is short for Software as a Service (SaaS) and is basically an online service. The service is that, as a customer, you use new software online, and no longer need to purchase the software itself, by signing a contract with a SaaS provider. A SaaS  contract usually includes a subscription per month/year and/or per user and/or other parameters.

How does SaaS work?

With Saas, the software provider offers the software via a Cloud Platform. In other words, online. The software is developed and maintained continuously in the Cloud by the software provider. Applications and the software are automatically updated. It is even possible to opt for a Private Cloud Platform.

Why implement SaaS?

There are several reasons for choosing SaaS. Some of the main reasons are:

Fast implementation and updates – With SaaS, applications and software can be implemented quickly because it resides in the Cloud and not On Premises. New functionalities and updates are automatically delivered by the SaaS Provider. So you always have access to the latest versions and functionalities.

Cost reduction – You don’t actually have to invest in different and sometimes costly software licences and, not to mention, the associated infrastructure. You pay for actual usage and altogether this means that the initial start-up costs are much lower. Maintenance, updates and technical support are often included in the subscription price.

Scalability and flexibility – With SaaS, it is very easy to adjust the number of User Licences. Adding or removing additional functionalities and tools is also very easy. The system and services can be quickly and effortlessly adapted to changing business requirements and needs, without any major investments in infrastructure or software updates.

Ease-of-use – Your employees, the users, have easy access to software applications via any web browser. With SaaS, no installation or complex configuration is required. Plus, all employees work from one database.

Reliability – The SaaS Provider is responsible for the availability and reliability of the software service. They maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure, back-up systems and provide security precautions to ensure that the service is continuously available and your data is safely stored. So there is a reduced risk of system downtime, data loss or security breaches.

Cooperation and integration – SaaS Applications offer many options for collaboration and integration with other tools and systems. Because the same dataset and system is being used, the cooperation between teams, both internal and external, will increase.

SaaS by Spiresolutions

Spiresolutions offers a powerful, scalable and flexible ERP-system called Spire Essentials, through our own SaaS Platform. We provide the development and maintenance of this proprietary platform. Extensions to our Essentials system can be easily and quickly adapted to your company’s needs and requirements.  Customisation is possible for unique and complex work environments. It is even possible to implement this on a Private Cloud Platform.

Please contact us and let’s find out how we can be of help and service to grow your business.

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