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Lethal Indifference: Ignoring Cyber Security Risks

By: Serge Janssen Daalen, 5 October 2023

Nowadays, it seems to be almost normal and we read about another cyber-attack against well-known, unknown organisations or companies on a daily basis in the news. Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and as a result, the data of every single person is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

It astounds and shocks me to discover how many companies still do not take the security of their corporate data and systems seriously. The threat of data breaches and financial losses is continuously increasing and yet many organisations still ignore the risks and rely on outdated security solutions.

Why is this indifference around Cyber Security so dangerous? And what actions is Spire taking to secure all business data?

The growing threat of cyber-attacks

‘Back in the day’, a cyber attack meant receiving a simple phishing email. However, cyber attacks have evolved into sophisticated ransomware attacks and targeted hacking attempts. As a business, you are constantly facing new and innovative threats that can have serious consequences for your business operations and reputation. Take these threats seriously and implement the necessary measures to protect yourself.

The dangers of indifference

Ignoring Cyber Security poses a huge risk to your business. A cyber attack can cause data breaches, shutdown of business operations, financial losses, reputational damage and even legal consequences. Despite these potential dangers, many organisations remain naive and display an indifferent attitude towards Cyber Security and, most importantly, underestimate the potential impact of a cyber attack on their business.

Spiresolutions: an advocate of Cyber Security

We at Spiresolutions understand the importance of Cyber Security and have assembled a team of experts dedicated to maintaining the highest security standards. We have a Cyber Security Officer on staff, who continuously conducts research and penetration tests on our systems, ensuring that any vulnerabilities are immediately identified and addressed.

In addition, there is the Spire Quality Manager, who plays a crucial role in ensuring ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications for data privacy and compliance with legal and other regulations.

Protecting business data with Spire

With these and other advanced security solutions, all business data is effectively protected against the continuous threat of cyber attacks. Spire’s Private Cloud Platform is ISO 27001-certified, and complies with GDPR guidelines and other relevant industry standards and regulations. With Spire, all your valuable data and software are safe, and we will continue to invest and innovate continuously in Cyber Security Technologies.

Protect Yourself!

Take Cyber Security seriously! Take the necessary measures to protect yourself from any cyber danger. Don’t ignore this problem, the risk of damage is life-threatening. A cyber accident happens in an instant!

Spire stands at the frontline of Cyber Security, offering advanced solutions to protect your business data. By partnering with Spire, you will avoid the dangers of naive indifference and together we will build a solid defence against any cyber attack.

Interested in Spiresolutions, the Spire System and how we organise the security of both your data and Software? Call us or make an appointment with Serge Janssen Daalen, founder of Spiresolutions. He will be happy to look into it with you and wants nothing more than to help you keep your business secure.

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