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Don’t drown in your planning! Planning is an Art.

Choose a Software System that supports your planning and more

By: Angelique Toorians, 12 August 2023

Identifying the “perfect” software system for planning depends on several factors, including your company’s specific needs, the complexity of your projects and your personal preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but we would like to recommend one Software System: Spire Essentials!

But before we tell you more about our Spire Essentials, Sector Packages, Building Blocks and Customisation for your own Spire Private Cloud Platform, allow us to briefly touch on the risks you face when your project planning is not done properly.

Risks of poor or unclear planning

  1. Delays: inadequate planning almost always causes delays in completing tasks and phases of a project. The result: a domino effect and the delay of the entire project schedule.
  2. Budget surplus: if insufficient time and resources are allocated in the planning, costs will increase. Improper budget estimates are a major risk to the financial success of a project.
  3. Scope Creep: poor planning can cause insufficient demarcation of the project scope. More and more tasks and components are added to the project, messing up the original schedule and causing additional costs and delays. Read more about Scope Creep in this article.
  4. Resource Overload: poor planning can lead to overload of staff, equipment and other resources, risking reduced quality, increased risk of errors and burnout or reduced motivation among team members.
  5. Quality issues: the planning will have to include sufficient time for testing and quality assurance. If the timetable is too tight or does not take these components sufficiently into account, quality issues may arise. Your customer will become frustrated and dissatisfied, and there will be damage to the confidence in the project.
  6. Lack of commitment: a poorly organised planning process can result in a lack of commitment and clarity among the project team. Team members may not understand what is expected of them and their commitment, trust and input will be significantly reduced.
  7. Communication problems: good communication is crucial. If the planning is not clearly communicated to all stakeholders, misunderstandings may arise and this will interfere with a smooth and effective collaboration.
  8. Risk overview missing: the planning process will also need to pay sufficient attention to risk management. If risk management is not in place, any potential problems will fail to be identified and addressed, which may jeopardise project outcomes.
  9. Loss of competitive edge: if your projects repeatedly face delays and problems, due to poor planning, it will inevitably affect your competitiveness.
  10. Reputation damage: subsequent to point 9; repeated failed or delayed projects, due to poor planning, will damage your reputation, both internally, and externally, with customers and partners.

You can build your own Spire Private Cloud Platform. The possibilities are endless. Here is a brief overview of some of the options Spire offers:

Planning with Spire

You can build your own Spire Private Cloud Platform. The possibilities are endless. Here is a brief overview of some of the options Spire offers:

Project Management – Functionality for managing and planning projects, including assigning tasks, managing its progress, monitoring deadlines and communicating with the project team. Features a planning board with a calendar view. A visual planning tool for planning and tracking tasks and appointments.

Project Documentation – Add and manage documents such as drawings, estimates, photos, quotations, invoices, notes and other project documentation.

Project Calculation – A tool to calculate and quote project costs.

Project Quotation – Functionality to create and manage project quotations, including preparing price proposals and specifications.

Procurement order processing – Option to manage orders and deliveries, including tracking inventory levels and generating purchase orders. Using, for example, a purchase order processing app, a mobile application that allows employees to process and track orders.

Project Administration – Functionality for tracking project-related costs, such as time input from co-workers (your own staff and self-employed contractors), materials and use of company resources.

Project Invoicing – Project-based invoicing.

Time tracking app – Expansion of ‘MyTask ToDo App’ – a tool where employees track their worked hours.

Spire Essentials System

Spire Essentials is the basic system that can be expanded with Spire Packages, Extensions, Building Blocks and Customisation. The system is built entirely in consultation with you and your employees and is fully tailored to your wishes, needs and business processes.

We maintain the system. We update the system. We secure the system. We are 24/7 available for questions or problems.

Contact us with absolutely no obligation and together we will see how we can help you.

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