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“Don’t bury your head in the sand!”


How not to get overwhelmed by new business software.

By: Serge Janssen Daalen, 8 May 2023

Although we at Spire have the knowledge and skills to automate business processes in an easy-to-use way, I often see anxiety and insecurity on the part of managers when it involves automation.

At times there is a suspicion that the business system(s) are not functioning optimally, but the matter is not fully explored because of fear of possible negative outcomes. I refer to this phenomenon as the Ostrich Effect. People are afraid of any negative or threatening information and want to avoid it by simply ignoring or even denying it. However, often there is “overwhelm” or “overload” because a person has been exposed to too much new information or details.

Feeling overwhelmed can cause incredible uncertainty, anxiety, stress, confusion, and indecision. As a result, it becomes difficult to still see the big picture or to set priorities. As a result, one often gets caught up in the details.

To prevent overwhelm we, at Spire, always make sure that we only share with you, as a (new or potential) client, the information that is necessary at that moment. We take you by the hand through our Road Map, with clearly benchmarked objectives beforehand.

We will take the lead in this and will set priorities, ensuring that all parties have and maintain a good overview. Furthermore, Spire makes sure the information is well structured so that it is and remains understandable and easy to process.

The way we work is called Agile Scrum. And gradually throughout our process and with the use of our products and services, you – as a customer of Spire – will learn to work with it too.

Transitioning to new Enterprise software overwhelming? Not with Spire!

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