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Disruption for Dummies: Innovative tricks for sustainable success

How Spiresolutions uses AI and Machine Learning to Create Success for SMEs!

By: Angelique Toorians, 5 October 2023

Innovations play a crucial role in the success of both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As an SME, you often have limited resources and face stiff competition, while change is inevitable. The only way to continue to grow and (remain) sustainable is innovation!

Here are some key IT innovations that will drive the success of SMEs:

Cloud Computing

Cloud Services provide cost-effective access to powerful IT resources. As an SME, you can save costs by using cloud-based solutions such as data storage and smart software applications. The cost of an in-house IT infrastructure is lower while the scalability of your business increases. You become more flexible and run fewer risks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and  Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning Tools help automate tasks such as: sales engineering with budget and lead time calculations, procurement management, scheduling, personalized customer experiences with chatbots, among others, or innovative analysis and consulting tools for gaining insight and overview.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT products are mainly used to monitor and optimize various aspects in business processes. Such as tracking inventory, for example, or monitoring the performance of installations. But there are also intelligent logistics tools that allow you to save costs and improve efficiency in your business processes.


With the help of data analytics tools and AI, you can create customized products and services as an SME. Based on AI-generated historical facts, you can deliver personalized products and services and stand out from your competitors and build a solid customer base.

Tools for remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of remote working tools. The use of online meetings, as well as applications for project management and other collaboration tools, have increasingly become ‘the norm’. One software system with one dataset that everyone in your company works with and that is accessible anywhere and anytime is the ideal scenario. All data is always up to date whether you are at home, at a customer or in the production hall.

3D Printing or CAD Platform

3D printing is another innovative tool that can save you a lot of time and money. Or a CAD Platform that allows you to (re)produce prototypes or customized products quickly and accurately. Lead times reduce enormously and production costs will be a lot smaller. This is especially valuable when it comes to industries such as production and manufacturing.

Data Analyses

This is perhaps one of the most widely used and well-known methods when it comes to using AI and Machine Learning. Data analysis tools that allow you to make informed decisions based on (historical) facts, identify market trends and optimize your business activities.


Our Spire Essentials Private Cloud Platform offers all the above innovations. The system is future-proof and we are developing AI-driven Building Blocks. We build your Private Cloud Platform together with you and it will be completely tailored to your requirements, wishes and needs. The great advantage of the Spire System is that it is scalable and flexible. We offer customisation!

If you want to be sustainable and successful as an SME, you will need to embrace a culture of innovation and constantly look for new opportunities to improve your products, services and operations. With the Spire Essentials Private Cloud Platform, you can quickly and easily adapt to changing market conditions, stay ahead of the competition and continue growing.

Expand North Star at GITEX

Spiresolutions is participating in the Nova Superstar Challenge at the ‘Expand North Star’ event at GITEX. We will showcase our innovative AI Generative Building Blocks and will be present to meet new investors and collaborators on our AI-journey.

Interested? Book a free consultation. Our drive is to support and create innovative solutions for SMEs. We would love to work with you to find out how we can help your business grow and prosper.

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