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Discover the Power of Low-code: your very own Private Cloud Platform is now within reach

How Spire’s Low Code lets your business flourish with the smartest data model for SMEs

By: Serge Janssen Daalen, 24 May 2023

Your business can profit significantly from the power of Low Code; the smartest data model for SME’s! Want to know how? Before I explain this into more detail, let me tell you a bit more about what Low-code is and the benefits of Low-code in the development of our business software.

What is Low Code?

Low Code is a type of software development focused on visual application design. Low Code uses a Graphical User Environment (GUI) and setting configurations, rather than writing traditional computer code. A Low Code development process is largely automated and uses ‘drag-and-drop’ of visual building blocks. This results in a visual workflow application.

Low Code advantages

There are various advantages of using Low Code in the development of software systems:

Shorter development & delivery times – With Low Code we can build your own Private Cloud Platform fast and easily, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. Low Code is much less complicated compared to writing computer code(s). This allows us to design and deliver your Cloud Platform and its tools and applications much faster.

Efficient maintenance – Maintaining and updating apps is much simpler and easier. By (re)using fixed components, new tools can be developed much quicker.

Less errors/bugs – In Low Code there is less code written so the chances of errors or bugs are a lot fewer. Finding errors/bugs is also much less complicated because less code has thus been used.

Wider integration with other IT systems – Low Code provides more integration opportunities with existing IT systems and business software such as Microsoft and Oracle. Applications are especially suitable for bringing together data and functionalities from several other programs into one integrated application. Low Code can be used to develop business dashboards, but also to fill gaps in the features of larger software systems.

Less dependency on software developers – With Low Code, the need for specialists with knowledge of specific programming languages is not required. Lower qualified developers can work on Low Code apps and provide IT support. While Lead Developers can deal with more complicated software development and innovative ideas.

Innovation – After developing the platform in Low Code, Developers therefore spend less time maintaining and fixing bugs. They can focus on innovation, which offers more opportunities for your organisation and the developers themselves.

Control – You will have complete control of your own Private Cloud Platform and the system can be fully tailored to your current and future needs and requirements.

Low code by Spiresolutions

Thanks to our smart data model, we provide the foundation for a flexible and scalable software system that seamlessly matches the needs and requirements for your business.

We are driven by passion and expertise and our Development Team consists of true Techies. We have years of experience and are constantly innovating to keep providing the best solutions. With our team by your side, you are assured of a ‘Technology Stack‘ that is solid as a rock.

Do you also want to take advantage of this revolutionary technology and take your business to new levels? Contact us today and find out what Spire can do for you! Choose Spire and get your own Private Cloud Platform with the support of our  professional and enthusiastic team.

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