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Agile Thinking: the secret weapon that (hardly) anyone knows about

What is Agile Thinking and why should you implement it in your organisation?

By: Serge Janssen Daalen, 27 May 2023

In the quest for business success, there is one secret weapon that only a few (‘the smart Entrepreneurs’) seem to know: Agile Thinking. Smart Entrepreneurs are gaining momentum by thinking radically differently, while competitors remain stuck in traditional thinking patterns. The choice is: either stay in stagnant patterns and get stuck, or switch to Agile Thinking.

Agile Thinking is not just a buzzword, it is a completely different approach in the way we do business. Agile Thinking is all about flexibility, adaptability and the ability to respond to change quickly.

What is Agile?

Agile, in a literal sense, means adaptability or agility. Agile Work is a process in which ‘agility’, or flexibility, is key. In an organisation where people work Agile, everyone is aware that circumstances change and the business systems, work processes and employees are (in) adjusted accordingly. The goal of Agile Thinking and Agile Work is that all teams and everyone within your company become and remain Agile.

How does Agile Thinking work?

So Agile is a way of thinking, where we learn to look at the same thing(s) differently and we continue to learn and develop continuously. This means overview, clarity, openness, transparency, giving and receiving feedback, but above all flexibility. In Agile Thinking, different departments or teams in the company are in constant contact with each other, and the customer. With the help of Agile Tools, the customer is consistently informed about the status of a project. If a change is needed, it can be implemented quickly. Everyone ‘moves along’ with the changed conditions.

What is the strength of Agile Thinking?

The power of Agile Thinking is being able to anticipate change more effectively and faster. With Agile Thinking and Agile Working, there will be a continuous alignment with the customer. You are constantly asking for- and receiving feedback. You get a deeper and deeper understanding of the customer’s specific goals. With Agile Working, there is a clear distinction of roles and employees will be given and take responsibility. People really feel involved in a project and will function more independently. The fear of making mistakes and being judged slowly disappears.

The benefits:

  • Being able to react and respond faster, more efficiently and better to your customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Quicker and better anticipation to changes, both internal and external;
  • Improved cooperation within your company;
  • Improved communication with clients, within teams and in projects;
  • Motivated and independent employees;
  • Saving time, costs and work.


Agile Thinkers are almost capable of predicting the future. Because of their way of thinking and the implemented Agile working method(s), they’re starting to see opportunities where others mainly see problems or obstacles.

Flexible working methods allows Agile Thinkers to respond faster to new market trends and customer needs, giving them a competitive edge. Having more time and space to expand their customer base and thus the chance to increase your sales. 

Does this sound good to you? What are you waiting for? Let the old way of conducting business go, and focus on Agile Thinking. Become an industry pioneer, improve your profitability, work with more satisfied employees, and leave the competition far behind. Agile Thinking is the key to success and the time is now for you to embrace it.

Wondering how to apply Agile Thinking within your company or management? Please contact us for more information about our Spire Ex Digital Transformation Program.

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